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Practitioner Referrals

Anthony William is committed to empowering and educating wellness practitioners to utilize Medical Medium information to provide ongoing support for their clients. Listed below are some of the practitioners who are versed in the information shared by Anthony William. The names and associated links are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to state or imply that Anthony William or Anthony William, Inc. recommends, endorses, supports, sponsors, or is in any way affiliated or associated with any person or entity listed below, or any linked website or content.

Practitioners For Help With Protocols

Dr. Nicole Galante
Holistic Doctor/Medical Intuitive
Website - Facebook

Muneeza Akhtar Ahmed
Medical Intuitive/Holistic Health Coach (Nutrition/Emotional)
Website - Facebook

Carolyn Cavanagh
Medical Intuitive, Holistic Health and Emotional Support
Website - Facebook

Robby Barbaro
Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes Support
Website - Facebook

Dr. Sherri Greene
Integrative Doctor, Nutrition and Energy Medicine
Website - Facebook

Reclaimers of Health
Intuitive Health Readings
Kimberly Spair & Gretchen Manzer
Website - Facebook

Emotional Support Practitioners

Carol Ritchie
Holistic Counseling/Spiritual Psychology
Website - Facebook

Mirabai Cardullo
Intuitive Emotional Health Coach
Website - Facebook

Tila Clark
Emotional Therapist, Enneagram/Ego
Website - Facebook

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